Sheepshead Card Club

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Sheepshead aka "Schafskopf"

The name had nothing to do with sheep!


You are welcome to join with us for relaxing fun with friends.  

Camaraderie is built into the card game’s history. Most accounts date Sheepshead back to Middle Europe in the late 1700s. Back then, peasants allegedly invented the game “Schafskopf” to vent their frustration over the government. Sheepshead modified the order of cards because the peasants in Europe were disgruntled with the kings, so in their card games they gave the kings a lower rank. They made Queens, Jacks, and diamonds (a symbol of wealth) trump.

The name had nothing to do with sheep, either. It referred to where the game was usually played – on the head of barrels or kegs known as Schaffen.